Portable Data Terminals

Where data needs to be collected, verified and quantified an intelligent terminal capable of being configured with the electronic equivalent of one or more forms is used. This type of device is called a Portable Data Terminal – or PDT.

We have a good range of PDTs which can be viewed and ordered on-line – click here.

PDTs are a combination of a small hand-held computer and a built in bar-code scanner. The PDT is configured by designing a form in an easy to use PC program. The form can comprise of prompts to scan a bar-code and for data, such as quantity, names or other text. The form is downloaded to the PDT together with any required look-up tables and it is the ready to use.

There can be several forms, selected on the PDT by a menu. Each use of a form saves a transaction which can be time and date stamped. The number of transaction that can be stored in the PDT is a function of its memory capacity – typically hundreds or thousands can be stored.

When the work is done the PDT is either physically located in a cradle near the PC or, in some cases is connected by a wireless transmission protocol. The transactions are then uploaded to the PC for processing, and after possibly recharging the PDTs battery it is ready to use for more.

RIAT 2011 validateOn-line PDTs are also available, typically using WiFi to link to a database server. For example, we created a live ticket validation system for the Royal International Air Tattoo 2011.