Barcode Printing

Successful creation of bar-codes for printing requires reliable software capable of generating valid bar-codes of the required symbology.
We provide a range of software. From simple production of bar-codes on the PC’s clipboard for adding to pre-designed documents; right through to sophisticated label & form design and print software that can be linked to databases and/or generate complex bar-code data from several concatenated sources including serial numbers etc. The more sophisticated design and print software can incorporate relevant live data at print time.
Check this link to see the range of Bar-Code Label Software at our on-line store.

The above software can print bar-codes in forms or labels on standard PC printers or on specialist label printers. Label printers are convenient when pre-designed labels are required on demand or in large numbers.
Another type of label printer is one where the labels can be designed on the label machine itself – as well as, in some cases, via a PC program. These typically use an adhesive plastic tape anything from 6mm to 36 mm wide available in a range of colours.
Check this link for both Label Printers and Machines at our on-line store.

Where it is required to add bar-code capability to an existing laser page printer the product to use is a Bar-Code Printer Module.
Check this link for more about the Bar-Code Printer Module at our on-line store.